Call for Character Education and Prayer in the Schools

Makes an impassioned case for moral education and the place for voluntary prayer in schools in the United States. more...

Dr. Bill Jeynes

Professor in the Department of Teacher Education, has been working with Chinese academic and government leaders to develop a character education curriculum for Chinese public schools. He was invited to share his recommendations by Peking University's School of Marxism and the Institute of Social Economy and Culture. He spoke twice at Peking University and shared his views with both the academics and government officials. His talk was moderated by Peking University's Dean of the School of Marxism, who stated publicly that he was "deeply moved" by Dr. Jeynes' talks. A rather unexpected result of the primary talk was that about 50% of those in the audience who were under the age of 30 started to weep uncontrollably and surrounded Dr. Jeynes afterward to report this to him. They shared that they had never heard such a talk in their lives, which demonstrates the degree to which they are open to character education. Peking University Press approached Dr. Jeynes to ask if it could translate his book published by Praeger in 2009 entitled, "A Call to Character Education & Prayer in the Schools." They believe the Chinese people will love the book. Dr. Jeynes is very humbled by these developments.

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