Call for Character Education and Prayer in the Schools

Makes an impassioned case for moral education and the place for voluntary prayer in schools in the United States. more...


All indicators are the Kentucky will become the 11th state to bring the Bible as Literature back in the public schools. The bill is expected to be heard shortly in the Assembly Education Committee.
West Virginia- The initial bill has been written and will be considered shortly in the West Virginia House Education Committee.
Missouri- We are currently working with key politicians, looking for a sponsor for a Bible as Literature bill.
Arkansas brought the Bible as Literature in the schools in the last 2-3 years.

God has graciously given tremendous success in this effort in recent years with prayer bills passing in states such as Missouri, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and others. Missouri’s bill was especially powerful, because it was added as an amendment to the Missouri State Constitution.
South Carolina- There was recently a prayer march in Washington D.C., calling for prayer in the schools. The research of yours truly was cited as the logical foundation for this march and call for prayer in the schools.
We are working with Indiana and North Dakota to pass prayer bills in those states.

Florida, Pennsylvania, and Louisiana
have passed school choice bills that we have been involved in over the past several years. We were especially involved in the Louisiana bill, which was the strongest of the three. However, the Obama administration challenged the bill and it is not certain what will happen in the long-term. Now that Secretary of Education DeVos is the new Secretary of Education, the school choice practice could be resurrected in Louisiana.
has a school choice effort in which we are involved.

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